MadPad and VidRhythm

This week we see two new apps for iOS that let you “remix your life”!

MadPad from Smule is like Cambox on steroids. It is very similar except it’s iPad native and you can browse other peoples sets. I absolutely love the browsing feature. I can already see people creating some nice modular or synth sets. This is a wicked app that anyone creative will love.

With VidRhythm you record some video clips and auto creates a music video for you. Although it’s more a fun toy than something you are going to create a real music video the concept is great. It’s not too unlike the web service Animoto. EDIT: After playing with the app a little maybe you CAN make something special…

“Remix your life with MadPad! Turn everyday sights and sounds like your car, an empty soda can, or your friends into the ultimate percussive instrument. Oh the possibilities! Woosh, boom, clap…anything can be music. Just aim the camera and shoot the sounds all around you: your local café, car, kitchen, kids, cat, friends… MadPad magic will take care of the rest. Or have fun playing with the hundreds of free premade sets.” –

“Remix your world! Introducing VidRhythm, the fun and easy way to make video music from Harmonix, the makers of Rock Band™ and Dance Central™. Video-sample yourself, your friends, your pets, or anything else, and use VidRhythm to instantly mash it up into a crazy video remix!” –

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