Tempest QuickStart

This is going to hurt my bank account ($2,000 USD). I really like how you can record real time effects on the two pad strips (link). I hope the included samples don’t ruin a near perfect analog thing. So far the demos sound pure enough for me. Anyone NOT getting one?

“The all-new Tempest analog drum machine (created by none other than the living legends Dave Smith and Roger Linn) is expected to be available sometime in Fall 2011.” – Sweetwater.com

For more info: davesmithinstruments.com/products/tempest


  1. The only reason i’m NOT getting one, is because i can’t afford it. Which sucks, because i REALLY want one!! This could be the one hardware drum machine i ever need.


    1. I feel the same way! I’d really hoped that it would have been some what affordable. But USD2000,-/EUR1869,- is just too much! Had it been around the price of the Mopho Keyboard I would have bought it right away! Cool machine!


  2. I most definitely want one! Anyone want to buy a kidney?


  3. ahhh… good to see a solid piece of gear that is totally out of reach for me. Like being a teenager again and staring at the Jupiter 8 in the music store… or the Les Paul hanging on the wall …though I still stare at them… ;-((((



  4. What makes this 2000 dollars?


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