Only You

I was watching a comedian on TV the other night. He was saying it’s going to be funny when old people listen to hip hop. Since there is a generation into now it it’s only natural eventually they will grow old, reminisce, play and “sing” the songs. That fact alone is worth a blog post. I mean it’s going to be rediculous no? My TC Powercore has been on it’s last legs lately. There are a few key effects in it I really don’t want to live without. I contacted TC Helicon and what I am looking for is also available in their Voiceworks Plus unit. Off to Youtube to see a few videos and I came across the video above in which the performer uses a Voiceworks. He’s also covering one of my all time favorite songs Only You by Yaz. Time is a strange thing don’t you think? Where’s my bucket list again…

“Only You” is a ballad written by musician Vince Clarke. He wrote it while with Depeche Mode, and offered it to them when he was leaving. They declined, and Clarke recorded it after forming the duo Yazoo with Alison Moyet. It was an instant success, hitting number two in the UK, and charting in the U.S. (number sixty-seven, Billboard Hot 100), a feat only attained by one other Yazoo single (coincidentally, that single was “Situation,” the original UK B-side of “Only You”). “Only You” also made the U.S. Adult Contemporary chart at number thirty-eight.” – Wikipedia

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  1. cool stuff – yeh my Powercore Compact is doing fine atm, but it is worrying as obviously it’s discontinued :( – I couldn’t live without Powercore X3/X5 and also the ability to sidechain a 1176 emulation easily (247C Compressor)…


    1. I’ll let you know when I get the Voiceworks Plus if it’s a real replacement for VoiceModler. If it’s not I will pick up a used Powercore. My issue is sometime soon I will buy a new studio machine with Lion. It won’t be too long beyond that Powercore’s may stop working.


  2. Yazoo version is great, but nothing is as entertaining as the Flying Pickets’ video:

    a real raggle taggle band clothing wise :D – vaguely mod/new wave guy, ex Teddy-Boy guy, and ghosty looking bald guy…


  3. yeah there was sometalk when it first came out that UAD were gonna produce a ‘wrapper’ or something or SOME form of emulation for Powercore plugs on UAD, but it never happened :( – I bought a UAD 2 and managed to get Pultec Pro out of it :) (I already had a UAD 1)

    hehe spotify doesn’t exist in Ireland yet :/


  4. This made me think of the surprisingly nasty take on ‘Situation’ by Tom Jones.

    Would have loved to see the Yaz/Yazoo reunion tour a couple of years ago.


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