Mike Sweeton has SirenAudio asked me to take a look at his products. He has three stand alone applications for Mac & PC. They are simply titled Feedback, Generative and Sampler. Mike created the apps using Max/MSP. What do you think? Have any of you tried these out?

“A folder of audio files or a single file can be used as the source of the 16 random samples. Each sample is given a random start time and can be triggered via MIDI from either a sequencer or an external device. The length, pitch, pan, and filter values can be set to randomise within specified ranges.” –

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2 thoughts on “SirenAudio”

  1. downloaded the “generative” demo, it freezes/closes the whole time, doesn’t work well, maximum use time 1 minute… is this serious? am using win7, nothing special… deleted already. it’s not worth 20pounds!

  2. Hi Chief,

    It’s a good thing you did download the demo. Any problems during testing on Windows have been driver issues, and the only problems on Windows have been on Vista.

    If you’d like to troubleshoot why the application isn’t working with me, you can reach me at :

    mike (at)

    RE the price, you might change your mind if you got the application running for a while. I’m pretty sure if I had 1 minute of an application not working well I wouldn’t think it was worth £20 either!

    Thanks for your response, and hopefully you’ll consider getting the application running on your machine (it may be a simple fix)


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