Ableton Live Lion Ready

Now I can upgrade to Lion.

“We’re pleased to announce the release of Live 8.2.5, the latest Ableton Live 8 version. Live 8.2.5 now officially supports Mac OS X 10.7 Lion – please make sure to check that all of your third-party plug-ins and audio/MIDI hardware are Lion-compatible before upgrading your OS.” –

For more info:…

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3 Responses to “Ableton Live Lion Ready”

  1. READYdot says:


    I thought the same thing, and have donwgraded again! Slow as hell if you don’t make a clean install! A lot of VSTs ‘specially in my case NI, still need to be updated. Lion is really everything else than as stable release, although it offers some nice things.

  2. READYdot says:

    I did now install Lion from an USB drive and it seems the upgrade was flawless. So it seems ’til now.

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