Do you name your recording studio?

I’m almost finished putting together my next recording studio. The new space has a huge wall of windows. In these summer months it feels like the sun is five feet away. I installed huge grey opaque curtains. They are quite dramatic in the all white room. It’s almost like if I pull them back there will be an audience sitting there waiting for me to play. It got me thinking that I should name this studio “The Grey Curtain”. So here’s my question: Do you name your recording studios?

“Complementary colors are defined to mix to grey, either additively or subtractively, and many color models place complements opposite each other in a color wheel. To produce grey in RGB displays, the R, G, and B primary light sources are combined in proportions equal to that of the white point. In four-color printing, greys are produced either by the black channel, or by an approximately equal combination of CMY primaries. Images which consist wholly of neutral colors are called monochrome, black-and-white or greyscale.” – Wikipedia

photo credit: Tm. Jhnsn.

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17 thoughts on “Do you name your recording studio?”

  1. Perhaps not to everyone, but the word “Gray” has the connotation of boring, squarish to me.

    What about just “The Curtain”, or some synonym for gray:

    – Silver Curtain
    – Pearly Curtain
    – Ash Curtain
    – Charcoal Curtain
    – Slate Curtain

    Or be paradoxical and call it “The Yellow Curtain”.

  2. When it was in my basement I used to call it Lower Level as a reference to the time I spent working on submarines. Now that it’s upstairs though I don’t have a clue what to call it.

  3. Thee Cassini Division. I named my studio after the famous gap in Saturn’s rings, but the other meaning of division as a distinct segment of a larger body makes me feel like it’s a part of a large heartless organization that has been overlooked by the corporate overlords so that I can tap into their resources yet still do what I want.


  4. The sign on the door reads “exploration”. I think of it as more of a lab than a studio. With the four 45U racks it looks like a control room from Earth vs The Flying Saucers.

    That’s an Akai s612! I have one of those next to the HP sine wave generators.

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