Do you name your recording studio?

I’m almost finished putting together my next recording studio. The new space has a huge wall of windows. In these summer months it feels like the sun is five feet away. I installed huge grey opaque curtains. They are quite dramatic in the all white room. It’s almost like if I pull them back there will be an audience sitting there waiting for me to play. It got me thinking that I should name this studio “The Grey Curtain”. So here’s my question: Do you name your recording studios?

“Complementary colors are defined to mix to grey, either additively or subtractively, and many color models place complements opposite each other in a color wheel. To produce grey in RGB displays, the R, G, and B primary light sources are combined in proportions equal to that of the white point. In four-color printing, greys are produced either by the black channel, or by an approximately equal combination of CMY primaries. Images which consist wholly of neutral colors are called monochrome, black-and-white or greyscale.” – Wikipedia

photo credit: Tm. Jhnsn.

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17 Responses to “Do you name your recording studio?”

  1. dominic says:

    i simply named mine ”the office” hehe

  2. michael says:

    you could call it ‘fade to gray’ : )

  3. READYdot says:

    Mine is called “Santa Maria Studios” due to a statue of this nice girl standing just left of my left monitor… not that original, I know…

  4. Tony says:

    My studio is called ‘the studio’. I think it is bad ass.

  5. Kent Sandvik says:

    1.0, 1.01. 1.02…. Moving into 2.0 next month.

  6. Anthony says:

    I call my home studio “Creative Consumption Studios” though I think “The Grey Curtain” sounds way cooler :)

  7. cdp says:

    Perhaps not to everyone, but the word “Gray” has the connotation of boring, squarish to me.

    What about just “The Curtain”, or some synonym for gray:

    - Silver Curtain
    - Pearly Curtain
    - Ash Curtain
    - Charcoal Curtain
    - Slate Curtain

    Or be paradoxical and call it “The Yellow Curtain”.

  8. Adrian says:

    When it was in my basement I used to call it Lower Level as a reference to the time I spent working on submarines. Now that it’s upstairs though I don’t have a clue what to call it.

  9. Lamina says:

    Mine is “La bulle”

  10. -Spooky- says:

    Well.. mine is more like a “(The) Dungeon”.

  11. wgparham says:

    Thee Cassini Division. I named my studio after the famous gap in Saturn’s rings, but the other meaning of division as a distinct segment of a larger body makes me feel like it’s a part of a large heartless organization that has been overlooked by the corporate overlords so that I can tap into their resources yet still do what I want.


  12. Davezilla says:

    Wait, is that a Mac Performa on the table?

  13. Michael Coelho says:

    Interesting, I too call mine “The Dungeon”.

  14. The sign on the door reads “exploration”. I think of it as more of a lab than a studio. With the four 45U racks it looks like a control room from Earth vs The Flying Saucers.

    That’s an Akai s612! I have one of those next to the HP sine wave generators.

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