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The future of iOS music. Polychord virtual MIDI (BETA preview) from Shoulda Woulda Coulda on Vimeo.

The iOS music creation environment is devoloping. First we had great single purpose apps. Next there was audio copy/paste between some apps. Then apps like Tabletop showed up multiple devices in a single app. Coming soon we can sync multiple single purpose apps (video above). It’s starting to seem like this is all heading somewhere. All you old time mouse point and clickers (myself included) better sharpen your fingertips!

“Now you’ll be able to have your music apps talk to each other, while they run in the background, and use polychord to control them. In this video we show how polychord can control another app (MoDrum) running in the background — all through virtual MIDI, all without any cables. Polychord sends MIDI clock signals out, keeping everything in sync. Stay tuned — we’ll have even more exciting things to share soon as we test out polychord with some of the iPad synthesizers that are supporting this game-changing new feature.” – Shoulda Woulda Coulda

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photo credit: Matrixsynth

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4 thoughts on “Sync iPad Apps on one iPad”

  1. That’s pretty good stuff right there! The problem I see is pattern sequencing. Can you hit play in Polychord and have iElectribe drums run through a whole song? Or are you just stuck with the active pattern? If you could have a whole song sequenced I would want to run iElectribe for my drums, iMS-20 for bassline (using it’s “drums” as atmospheric and fx synths), and use poly chord to jam pads and strummed lines over top. Running through an Alesis iO Dock this could be a pretty tough setup for live PA style sets. Hell you could wright a whole album like that with a mic running through a Kaoss Pad. Just run the outputs of the iO Dock and the outs of the KP through a small utility mixer and you’re done! We live in amazing times…

  2. wow that would be cool – today I was messing with Technobox2 and iMS-20 loads – would have been great to have been able to leave iMS-20 doing the beats and to use Technobox2 for acid at same time :)

  3. Just got an iPad, and I’m impressed at what’s out for it [oh Nanostudio… I know you’re grindin’ for us for the iPad version] – now if they’d all learn to talk and play in sync… wicked fun! I’m hoping to do live sets with this device – just the one, if possible.

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