Dave Clarke charts one of the Lick the Sweat remixes

Frank Kvitta feat. The Horrorist – Electronic Pleasure EP by Frank Kvitta

My next big music project is a collaboration with Germany’s Frank Kvitta. There are two songs “Lick the Sweat” and “Destroyer” which are being released on Frank’s label. The remixers include: Ben Sims, DJ Rush, Dave the Drummer, Submerge, Patrick DSP, Alex Kvitta, Mario Ranieri, Boris S and David Christoph. Lick the Sweat is what people know me best for aka a dark sex fueled dance track. See you on the dancefloor!

“As one of the most booked german based techno artist, he is playing worldwide all important club and festival gigs from japan through europe, to north, middle and south america.” – frank-kvitta.net

For more info: thehorrorist.com, frank-kvitta.net, daveclarke.com

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5 Responses to “Dave Clarke charts one of the Lick the Sweat remixes”

  1. Rich Gavina says:

    I’m digging it man. The percussion is amazing…good beats!

  2. dominic says:

    yeah i really like the line-up :)

  3. Michael says:

    Really nice remixes, that Submerge remix is brutal good job!

  4. Merlijn Nimmegeers says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of remxes!
    Must be cool to work with Frank Kvitta. :)
    I see his brother also made a remix, maybe your brother should make one!

    “Lick the Sweat is what people know me best for aka a dark sex fueled dance track.” <- It's true. :D

    It's cool to see so many collaborations.

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