Touch Sound Podcast

I’ve been listening to a new podcast which covers mobile pro-audio apps called the Touch Sound Podcast. It’s well produced with news, interviews and plenty of good discussion. The hosts Nick Platers, Greg Pritchard, Sean Walker and Ashley Elsdon all know their stuff and talk for well over two hours. Highly recommended.

“In Episode #05 we talk about iOS and Mac OSX becoming one, TableTop, GrainBender Synth, Karajan, the upcoming Rhythm studio, VirSyn’s Addictive Synth, AirVox, Firestudio, Hokusai and tons more! Plus this week we interview two guests – John-Paul of Retronyms and Ian Bradshaw of Korg.” –

For more info:


  1. yes this is on my to-do list. something i noticed though is that the episodes are quite long (like 90 minutes or more?). i’m sure they’re working on cutting it down though.


  2. hey oliver. look you facebook account. i sent you the link for the remix :)


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