Retard World

The FP – Trailer from Trost Bros. on Vimeo.

I called this post “Retard World”. I could have also called it “End of Days”. Please watch the movie trailer above. Please tell me this is a joke, a fake trailer or a bad dream. How is something so stupid possible? America’s financial rating should be downgraded solely on the basis we can produce something like this.

“THE FP is a little difficult to explain; it’s basically a gang warfare movie, except instead of rumbles the rival gangs fight it out with Dance Dance Revolution.” –

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10 thoughts on “Retard World”

  1. comon Im pretty sure thats a pisstake :p – funny if it is I think. I actually mildly enjoyed the slight Carpenter-ish feel to the first few scene provided by the late 70s ish arpline and the blatant Snake Pliskin ripoff with the eyepatch :D

  2. ‘dance with your mind! not your feet!’ brilliant. i’m downloading it a dozen times from itunes when it comes out. when itunes tells me that i have already purchased this item, i will create a new account and purchase it again. and again.

  3. It’s pretty rare for a trailer to have so much swearing, so my guess is it’s a pisstake, ala Troma or something.

    Some decent cinematography in there, even if the story is woeful.

  4. oh man, this is totally real and the film is super-amazing. i saw it last month at the fantasia film festival in montreal (, probably the best film festival that exists), and it completely blew everyone away. probably the funniest movie i’ve seen all year, and i can’t remember ever being in a theatre with people cracking up that much the entire movie. 100% worth watching as soon as you get a chance, no hyperbole there.

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