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I hated the old Beatport Flash site. It was slow, the tiny fonts got on my nerves and I couldn’t easily share URLs to releases. There’s an all new Beatport based on HTML5 and I’m really enjoying it. There really isn’t a better way for most DJs to music up before the weekend than this.

– Track pages with BPM, harmonic key & waveforms
– More personalized recommendations
– Improved search
– Even deeper list-digging capabilities
– HTML5 for access on multiple devices
– Individual track pages
– Top releases ranked separately” –

For more info:


  1. so far i really like it. fun little video they made too. flash is really taking a beating these days!


  2. To be honest (and speaking as web developer/designer) that was Beatport’s dumb mistake to make an all-Flash site. They should have made an HTML site with just a flash audio player. And then when the mobile world exploded, all they would have needed to do was to pop in some browser detection script and swap out the Flash player for a compatible non-flash version.

    Anyway, it isn’t fair to blame flash for their design mistake.

    The new site does look bad ass though. I just hope that they will allow the embedding of streaming-only versions of songs (along the same lines as SoundCloud). In my opinion that is the best way to promote to DJs nowadays. Let them hear the song (not a random sample of it), put it in a slick and easy-to-use audio player, and then make it super-easy for the listener to buy it from that player. As few steps as possible.

    Also, they should have a mobile app with a built-in music-recognition feature (like Shazam or SoundHound).

    Me: “What is this song? Computer, identify and purchase song.”
    Phone: “Processing… You now own Stick’Em by The Fat Boys.”

    My two cents,


    1. good comments here! the truth is they were very proud of the flash site. and before apple blocked it on the iphone, it was cutting edge. they even invested in a big redesign of that interface no more than two years ago.

      there has been a mobile app for a while now, but i agree that song detection would be amazing. they already have the database of club tracks.


  3. I agree… loving the new Beatpor. My favorite new features are the keyboard shortcuts. They make blazing through hundreds of bleh to find the few gems some much easier.


  4. Think Native Instruments should follow their lead?


    1. hah interesting you suggest this! i think native instruments has the controlling stake in beatport (part of some sort of traktor deal).


    2. Yes I really hope so! I love NI products but hate their website.


  5. Absolutely in love with it, should we expect more Horrorist releases there?


    1. Yes of course. As of now iTunes, Amazon and Beatport…


  6. Finally! How many years did I complain to Beatport about this. They should have realized that for SEO they need real web pages.


  7. On old version i found flash annoying and slow. So i welcome new changes on beatport.

    Cheers, Team


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