MIDI Roland TR77

MIDI-fied Roland TR77 from Brandon Daniel on Vimeo.

I would certainly love to get some classic analog drum machines MIDIed like this. According to Wikipedia the TR77 was Roland’s very first product. Hey Brandon how about some individual outs and some tuning for the kick drum (always the one weak point in most early drum machines)?

“Just finished building trigger shaper/converter circuits x12 for this project, and it works! Still need to work something out for the Guiro, but all in all, I’m happy with it.Sounds triggered over MIDI from the Electribe.” – Brandon Daniel

For more info: wikipedia.org/Roland_Rhythm_77

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4 Responses to “MIDI Roland TR77”

  1. Darren says:

    Great hihats on the TR77. They don’t sound like anything else.

  2. digitalbeatsyndrome says:

    Psia offers a kit of a drum box that sounds very similar…can be modded as well..adsr tune… etc.. best part its less than $50…

  3. digitalbeatsyndrome says:

    oops…PAIA…I mispelled that…

  4. midi says:

    MIDI-fied Roland TR77 from Brandon Daniel on Vimeo.

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