In memory of Nicole Bernard

Guidance and Courage by James Bernard

I’ve know James Bernard since the early 90s. When I first started recording electronic music James was one of a very small group of musicians in NY making “techno” (under the band name Influx). He hosted a few after parties and I remember talking music making tech with him all the way back then. We lost touch and years later I noticed his tutorial videos for Propellerheads. I was living in Berlin at the time and I sent him a quick email just saying hello, etc… A couple of weeks later a package with pretty much everything Propellerheads offers showed up at my front door. Since then every upgrade the same thing happened. James it that kind of person and even if you didn’t recieve boxes of goodies if your a Reason user you surely benifited from his amazing and prolific video tutorials. It takes a lot of effort and know how to create those!

This morning I received an email from James that his wife died of Leukemia earlier this week. In true artist form James made some music (above). Peff the number one superfan of all things Propellerheads has set up a donation button for Nicole and James’s four childen the Bernard Childcare Trust. Let’s give back: click here

“While there has been a lot of buzz surrounding other Propellerhead news this week, a tragedy has befallen the family of our friend, James Bernard, PH Artists Relations and Reason Specialist. On July 13, 2011, James’ wife, Nicole, passed away. Nicole was 36 years old and was the mother of their four children, Ava, Chloe, Mia and Asher. People in the user community are leaving their expressions of sympathy on on the Propellerhead User Forum in this thread”. –

Donations: click here

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  1. Thank you Oliver. Our family is in such awe of the outpouring of support and condolences that have come in from all corners of the earth.

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