How about this for your music studio? Let’s say you have a small house but enough room for one of these Archipods in your backyard? I’m not sure if they can make a soundproof version or how the round walls would effect acoustics. About $40,000.

“‘The Pod’ is an insulated sphere of approx. 3m in diameter. Constructed predominantly from timber, the world’s most replenishable construction material, insulated to a standard exceeding that of current Building Regulations. The structure is prefabricated in sections small enough to be carried through a house. So no matter where you live, we’ll be able to get the ‘Pod’ onto your site. Because of its unique shape and the generous natural light from the roof dome, the ‘Pod’ actually looks bigger on the inside than the outside.” –

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7 thoughts on “Archipod”

  1. I’m no acoustics expert either, but wouldn’t the acoustics of a perfect sphere be very bad indeed? There would only be one axial room mode, the same 3m in every direction. That would mean a standing wave of… (digs out calculator)… about 112Hz (plus its harmonics). And if the standing wave is increased by addition 3 times in a cube (length, width, height) then wouldn’t it be INFINITELY many times in a sphere? In practise, hopefully not. I think that might be perpetual motion…

    Even diffusion on the walls wouldn’t help. In a sphere, everything reflects to a focal point in the centre.

    This is a weird problem. Anyone wanna geek out on it with me?

  2. This is definitely one of the more interesting items you posted. I like the fact that its mobile. The price is pretty steep, but we’re talking about adding an extra room to work and/or be creative (painting, music, etc.) without distractions. It may be worth the price based on that alone!

    Peace – R

  3. Well, you’ve put it perfectly right. And that’s what’s gonna happen in practise.. Maybe the fractal diffusors would help but then you would need the sphere of at least 34 meters diameter + space for actual studio (2X 17m – circa the wavelength of 20 Hz wave).

    1. WRONG! I should learn to first think and write :) You’ll gonna need just the quarter of that wavelength (cuz then the wave gots it’s highest velocity) and that’s given you’re combining diffuser’s with absorbers wich theoretically solves the problem and you need the sphere of around 8,5 meter + studio space diameter. Simpler solution might be putting fake, not parallel walls inside which solves the problem immediately but then it only looks cool from the outside :)

  4. It would be difficult to find a worse acoustic environment than a sphere. Tap a balloon to find out why. The resonant frequency would make the room unusable. Would be tough to even have a conversation there, IMO.

  5. Why not build a shed in the shape of a tetrahedron. Linear frequency response through the whole spectrum… From what I’ve read.

    Simpler construction too

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