Jeff Minter’s Deflex

I’m not sure if Jeff Minter’s new game Deflex is a music game. It doesn’t really matter because his other two iOS games are amazing (Minotaur Rescue and Minotron). After checking Jeff’s Wikipedia page I noticed Deflex may be a redo of one of his first games on the Vic-20. Some people get all gaga over the soundtracks in games like Final Fantasy or the Legend of Zelda. Just give me insane 8bit bleeps and samples please.

“Fans of Minter’s games have identified a number of distinctive elements common to his games. They are often arcade style shoot ’em ups. They often contain titular and/or in-game references demonstrating his fondness of ruminants (llamas, sheep, camels, etc.). Many of his programs also feature something of a psychedelic element, as in some of the earliest “light synthesizer” programs including his Trip-a-Tron.” – Wikipedia

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