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We Will Get Wicked by thingstocome

This is a post that really should be made on a Friday night. It doesn’t really fit with the clean fresh start of a Monday morning. Yet the dark acts that inspired this song often did take place and were at there most explosive on Monday mornings. This is the second post of a series in which I will tell you the stories behind each song off my newest album Joyless Pleasure. You may have noticed that its been 27 days since the first entry. You see my album is highly autobiographical so it’s taking me a bit of bravery to type some of this. So what about this song? Even as the human race seems to be hell bent on self destruction I think we are headed into space and to colonize every possible planet. The simple fact is our sex drive is tied to our intellectual brains in a very peculiar manner. Love and power mix with pleasure in ways just out of reach of our own mind’s comprehension. Therefore we just go for it full on no matter the consequences. Mix sex and illegal drugs and the combination is down right damming. This is a song about those times. The times before the bad times. The moments where two adults lock the doors behind them and go at each other with the help of white powder and smoke for days. Wicked indeed.

When I wrote this song there were several songs I was influenced by. First, there is a Skinny Puppy song called Sleeping Beast. The lead singer Nivek Ogre repeats the line, “She’s a sleeping beast.” over and over in a catchy vocal melody that’s been stuck in my head since I first heard it in the 80s. I repeat the lyric, “We will get wicked.” in a similar vein. The second influence was Kraftwerk’s Tour De France. The breath sounds always thrilled me in this song and considering sex was the subject manner here I created my own play on the idea. Beyond those specific songs you can hear Depeche Mode in the vocal chants and the synth melody could have easily come from Marc Acardipane. Some may knock grabbing ideas from here and there but taking concepts from the world around you and other art and making them your own is what I feel creation is all about. Certainly the final song is it’s own unique piece.

The drums are from my Vermona DRM-1 MKIII. The main synth lines are Roland SH-3 and Yamaha CS5. A lot of the vocal effects were resamples of parts of the verses and messed around with using Ableton’s Simpler. The wonderful echo/delay and flange you hear over the track is from a TC Powercore. The last thing production wise I can mention is this song is noticeably longer than most of my songs. This matches the exhaustion of the experience.

“We will get wicked inside of here. And it’s something we must go through.” – The Horrorist

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Oliver Chesler

"Hello my name is Oliver and I'm going to tell you a story." I have been recording music since 1989 under the name The Horrorist. I have released over 60 singles and 4 full length albums. To hear my music please go to: thehorrorist.com

4 thoughts on “We Will Get Wicked – The Horrorist”

  1. Very interesting…
    i notice some change in your style of vocal writing. I suppose some of your old lyrics were much more precise. You were sort of telling a story… now you do the same thing, but more by grabbing dialogs, lines or thoughts from a certain moment. It is now far less obvious, what you are trying to tell. It’s a good thing that you tell us here. I have to admid I merely skipped through the new album first and did not really find something to hold on to… but the catches are there as soon as one knows a little more. I learned, that you telling something about a track also helps listeners to listen more closely to your music. It makes it much more appreciatable. I also usually have some meaning to my music, but I always subcosciously thought, if people do not get the message instantly than I failed as an artist. Therefore I never published my ideas. This thread inspired me to change that.

    Grabbing bits of here and there is the only way to be creative. I am sure that people who claim to create everything out of nothing and brains are liars. If you’d ever try to do that, you’d probably end up with some drum beat, a bassline, and something else (the latter only if you are good).

    Other than that I have to say, the music brings across a nice creepy athmosphere. It is also very “pure” in it’s sound. That means, that you manage to create a fitting athmosphere for the lyrics right inside the frame of your style, without having to go to cinematic. Very good.
    I don’t dig the 80’s quite as much as you do, which is probably because my first musical memories date from the 90’s, so the style in itself does not get me going very much (I’m still more a sort of techno kid). But even though the whole album creates a vibe that I can’t resist. I have to acknowledge that you have become a very special and unique song writer with a very “edgy” self developed style. That means you are very good at what you do.

    Cheers to you and congrats to the new album.

    If you have time, when you are through with the tracks, tell us something about your mixing and mastering process =)

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