Dorit Chrysler Moog Sound Lab

I like the production and idea behind Moog’s new Sound Lab series. Dorit plays the Theramin the way I always wanted to see someone “air it”!

“To function as a one woman band, Dorit triggers a prerecorded backtrack on her laptop, adding vocals and theremin in real time. At her feet are a Moogerfooger MF-104Z Analog Delay and an Akai Head Rush looper that add layers of complexity to the sonic depth to her sound.” – David I. Barkoe

For more info:


  1. There’s a Moog Theremin on display at the Musical Instrument Museum here in Phoenix. Was really cool getting to play with one for a while.


    1. I played with the one when you walk in the front door of Schneiders Beuro in Berlin. Like all Moog stuff it was FUN.


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