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I recently bought a Green Screen and a lighting kit in preparation to make some of my own music videos. I’ve also been watching a lot of videos for ideas and editing tips. I stumbled on the video above which I find wonderfully nice.

“Shot entirely on the Nokia N8 mobile phone. Winner of the Nokia Shorts competition 2011.” – kcetin89

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Modem slowed down 700%

In case you were wondering WE are the aliens.

“A modem (modulator-demodulator) is a device that modulates an analog carrier signal to encode digital information, and also demodulates such a carrier signal to decode the transmitted information. The goal is to produce a signal that can be transmitted easily and decoded to reproduce the original digital data. Modems can be used over any means of transmitting analog signals, from light emitting diodes to radio. The most familiar example is a voice band modem that turns the digital data of a personal computer into modulated electrical signals in the voice frequency range of a telephone channel. These signals can be transmitted over telephone lines and demodulated by another modem at the receiver side to recover the digital data.” – Wikipedia

photo credit: Koluso DX

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How about this for your music studio? Let’s say you have a small house but enough room for one of these Archipods in your backyard? I’m not sure if they can make a soundproof version or how the round walls would effect acoustics. About $40,000.

“‘The Pod’ is an insulated sphere of approx. 3m in diameter. Constructed predominantly from timber, the world’s most replenishable construction material, insulated to a standard exceeding that of current Building Regulations. The structure is prefabricated in sections small enough to be carried through a house. So no matter where you live, we’ll be able to get the ‘Pod’ onto your site. Because of its unique shape and the generous natural light from the roof dome, the ‘Pod’ actually looks bigger on the inside than the outside.” –

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Jeff Minter’s Deflex

I’m not sure if Jeff Minter’s new game Deflex is a music game. It doesn’t really matter because his other two iOS games are amazing (Minotaur Rescue and Minotron). After checking Jeff’s Wikipedia page I noticed Deflex may be a redo of one of his first games on the Vic-20. Some people get all gaga over the soundtracks in games like Final Fantasy or the Legend of Zelda. Just give me insane 8bit bleeps and samples please.

“Fans of Minter’s games have identified a number of distinctive elements common to his games. They are often arcade style shoot ’em ups. They often contain titular and/or in-game references demonstrating his fondness of ruminants (llamas, sheep, camels, etc.). Many of his programs also feature something of a psychedelic element, as in some of the earliest “light synthesizer” programs including his Trip-a-Tron.” – Wikipedia

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We Will Get Wicked – The Horrorist

We Will Get Wicked by thingstocome

This is a post that really should be made on a Friday night. It doesn’t really fit with the clean fresh start of a Monday morning. Yet the dark acts that inspired this song often did take place and were at there most explosive on Monday mornings. This is the second post of a series in which I will tell you the stories behind each song off my newest album Joyless Pleasure. You may have noticed that its been 27 days since the first entry. You see my album is highly autobiographical so it’s taking me a bit of bravery to type some of this. So what about this song? Even as the human race seems to be hell bent on self destruction I think we are headed into space and to colonize every possible planet. The simple fact is our sex drive is tied to our intellectual brains in a very peculiar manner. Love and power mix with pleasure in ways just out of reach of our own mind’s comprehension. Therefore we just go for it full on no matter the consequences. Mix sex and illegal drugs and the combination is down right damming. This is a song about those times. The times before the bad times. The moments where two adults lock the doors behind them and go at each other with the help of white powder and smoke for days. Wicked indeed.

When I wrote this song there were several songs I was influenced by. First, there is a Skinny Puppy song called Sleeping Beast. The lead singer Nivek Ogre repeats the line, “She’s a sleeping beast.” over and over in a catchy vocal melody that’s been stuck in my head since I first heard it in the 80s. I repeat the lyric, “We will get wicked.” in a similar vein. The second influence was Kraftwerk’s Tour De France. The breath sounds always thrilled me in this song and considering sex was the subject manner here I created my own play on the idea. Beyond those specific songs you can hear Depeche Mode in the vocal chants and the synth melody could have easily come from Marc Acardipane. Some may knock grabbing ideas from here and there but taking concepts from the world around you and other art and making them your own is what I feel creation is all about. Certainly the final song is it’s own unique piece.

The drums are from my Vermona DRM-1 MKIII. The main synth lines are Roland SH-3 and Yamaha CS5. A lot of the vocal effects were resamples of parts of the verses and messed around with using Ableton’s Simpler. The wonderful echo/delay and flange you hear over the track is from a TC Powercore. The last thing production wise I can mention is this song is noticeably longer than most of my songs. This matches the exhaustion of the experience.

“We will get wicked inside of here. And it’s something we must go through.” – The Horrorist

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Small Town Boy

Politics and music go together like sex and drugs. Last night New York got a mix of it all. My home stage will now allow same sex marragies. Whether or not you agree with what the fat old white people decided it’s a win for freedom. People who wanted to do something they couldn’t do before now can. The small town boy in the Bronski Beat song was always welcome in NYC.

“Mother will never understand why you had to leave. For the love that you need will never be found at home. And the answer you seek will never be found at home. Run away, turn away, Run away, turn away.” – Jimmy Sommerville (Bronski Beat)

For more info: NY-Approves-Same-Sex-Marriage-in-Major-Gay-Rights-Victory


Cambox from Oliver Chesler on Vimeo.

I was in my car awaiting the day ahead of me. I had some time to kill so I jumped onto the iTunes Apps store to see if there was anything new and interesting. Cambox is basically a video Casio SK1. When I was in high school (1986) I had a SK1. I quickly recorded “Fuck You!” on it and my friends and I drove around the suburbs hanging the SK out the window playing random FUs to anyone who could hear us. A few car chases and close fights and then we were bored with it. I’m happy Cambox is in my life to annoy the hell out of everyone I can. I hope you enjoy my little video test above. I love this App greatly.

“Each sound you make stores a piece of video into a box. You can film yourself singing, whistling or doing crazy faces. You can also capture your friends, your dog, or anything else.” –

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Marc Houle’s Synth Pop Mix

Marc Houle’s Synth Pop Mix by Marchoule

Marc Houle is from Canada, lives in Berlin and is on the Minus label. Apparently is also has great taste in music. At least his taste matches with my own. You can decide for yourself if you want to live in a Liquid Sky soundtrack or not. He has this mix set with Downloads enabled so grab it while you can.

1) Rick Hicks – Dee Ex
2) Absolute Body Control – Is There an Exit?
3) AK 47 – Stop! Dance!
4) Nine Circles – Twinkling Stars
5) Aviador Dro – Telepatia
6) Rick Hicks – Beloved
7) Ciaran Harte – Love is Strange
8) Cinema 90 – In Ultra Violet
9) Fall of Saigon – She Leaves Me All Alone
10) Fiction Technology – In the City
11) Martin Lloyd – Equilectric
12) Iron Curtain – Condos
13) Rick Hicks – Rom Hero
14) Oto – Anyway
15) P1/E – 49 Second Romance
16) Polyphonic Size – Logione Polygonale
17) Scatterbrain – Crosses Over Verdun
18) Solid Space – A Darkness in My Soul
19) La Folie – Hew New Dress
20) Transparent Illusion – Demente
21) Cluster – Caramel
22) Twilight Ritual – Webman
23) Autumn – I Say Hello
24) Das Kabinette – The Cabinet
25) Moderne – Switch on Bach
26) Polyphonic Size – Mode
27) Raid Over Moscow – Yellow Finger
28) Oppenheimer Analysis – The Devil’s Dancers
29) Stereo – No More
30) La Folie – Portability

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Yamaha TNR-i

I’ve been a super fan of the Yamaha Tenori-On since I first laid my eyes on one. In fact, I went to its launch party in Berlin. You can see my photos from that event: here. When the iPad came out I new there would be Tenori like apps. What most people don’t realize is how deep the Tenori software is and so most of the clones were fun but didn’t take you as far as the original. Peter over at CDM has a post today about the Yamaha TNR-i and yes it’s the official Tenori app for the iPad! Honestly a huge part of the Tenori-On’s appeal is the hardware. Those white touchable LEDs are so quite futuristic fantastic. I’m sure I will enjoy the iPad app but I still want the original.

“On the road from futuristic instrumental concept to real-world product, the Yamaha Tenori-On as shipped lacked some of the functionality its creator, gifted media artist Toshio Iwai, originally imagined. Notably, wireless networking, which promised social music-making with other devices, was gone, replaced with a more-limited MIDI connector. Now, in a surprisingly literal translation from the hardware to iPad, it appears the Tenori-On has added that feature – but lost some of its charm.” – Peter Kirn

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Moogerfooger Cluster Flux

Continuing the strange naming that started with the Little Phatty Moog has introduced the MF-108M Cluster Flux. While it is a multi-effect pedal the secret sauce which is going to make this pedal sound awesome is its BBD (bucket-brigade device). Pairing the BBD with a lot of syncing technology in a wood framed Moog box is tasty. You can get one soon for about half a grand.

“The MF-108M Cluster Flux is more powerful than traditional chorus/flange effects offering musicians the added modulation of multiple LFO waveforms: Sine, Triangle, Square, Saw, Ramp and Random, to create many kinds of new modulated BBD Delay effects. MIDI IN allows control of Delay Time, Range, Feedback, Output Level, LFO Waveform, LFO Rate, LFO Amount and Mix.” –

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