First look at the Turnado by Sugar Bytes from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

Sugar-Bytes has released Turnado. As someone who has been making music since the early 90s to be able to mangle stuff so easily always blows my mind. There’s a demo version so go crazy. $180 to own it.

“With its instantaneous, one-knob, multi-parameter modulation features, Turnado will lay waste to the audio landscape. Giving you the power to crunch, chop, twist, mash and elevate your music to new levels, Turnado will have you creating wicked new sounds that will blow any crowd away.” – sugar-bytes.de

For more info: sugar-bytes.de/content/products/Turnado

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6 thoughts on “Turnado”

  1. I was just about to say the same thing. I think the Sugar-bytes stuff is pretty cool but if you have Ableton you can replicate Turnado easily w/ Macros and Clip Envelopes/Dummy Clips can replicate all the functionality of Effectrix and Artillery, plus use third party plug ins within those control schemes. It’s still great to see these powerful concepts implemented across platforms though.

  2. I don’t think “beat repeat” in ableton is as precise a beat slicer though. Of course, you could knock up something similar in Max for live/Reaktor, but then you’ve got a whole load of work to do.. still not sure if it’s worth 180dollars/130 euros- 60 euros and I would have bought it already :) maybe I just need to play with it more to be convinced :)

  3. I think this offers convenience and I really like to get from idea to finished arrangement as fast as possible. For some reason I don’t mind presets on effects but never use synth presets. Hmm…

  4. Beat Repeat is good for what it does, though I think all the randomizing functions throw a lot of people. If you have M4L then you’ve got Buffer Shuffler all set to go. Of course you do need to know what you’re doing with Racks, when to use Chain Activator mapping vs. Chain Selector etc. etc.

  5. Make some FSU racks in Abes while your on the toilet…thats whats good about laptops…assign the good knobs to one macro knob…you can even set the min max values so you dont overtweak… there is such a thing as overtweak…(ask anyone who does acid on a triton/karma about the filter tweaked to high, total anal leakage).

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