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Nick from Sonic State’s full review of the Korg Monotribe. I can’t believe these things are $229 (link)! I can’t believe people are complaining that’s too expensive. You have to make and enjoy music of a certain retro style to really get this box. If your looking for a sound source of that retro nature this is going to get you there better/easier than any plug-in. I can’t wait to see Korg’s next analog thing. Imagine what they can do at $999.

“c’mon korg, give us a? ms-20 mkII!” – nekrobot

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13 thoughts on “Monotribe Review”

  1. We are really spoiled when people think $229 is too expensive for one of these. Can’t wait til they are shipping. This thing really could possibly be the next 303. I’m tempted to buy a few and stash some of them away for a few years =o]

    BTW, how was the show in WisconSIN?

  2. Hey Oliver,
    I really like your site not just the content but the overall look and feel.
    I am thinking of getting this machine, especially once I saw what the Monotron could do, I nearly fell off my seat when I saw there was a groovebox version! I want this little box of tricks sooo bad BUT I was thinking that stretching to a Korg Electribe EMX may be better and makes more sense as there are more drum sounds and valves etc…
    Which do you recommend I get? X

    1. The Electribe will get you more flavors but it’s not real analog. It has a different sound. I would get the Monotribe myself but if I had limited gear and wanted to make complete songs in many styles from just this purchase I would have to consider the EMX a better choice. Still… Monotribe!

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