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About a month ago I wrote a post titled Post All Your Music in Full on YouTube (link). Well, I practice what I preach and have uploaded my new album Joyless Pleasure in it’s entirety. I also took the oppurtunity to refresh the look of the page. I added a 1600 pixel wide “Horrorist” logo wallpaper that shades to beige when you scroll down a bit. I also spent time tweaking the colors of the Channel to match the album’s look. I have no doubt uploading the songs in full is a good decision and I already see the view counts rising quickly. I also made a the embedable Joyless Pleasure playlist you see above. Big thanks to my graphic designer Maurice Roy for creating stills for each of the songs.

“When it comes to theme and module editing, users with no CSS or design experience will find themselves completely at ease with beautifying their channel design. The themes and colors are pretty self-explanatory, so you can pick a preset theme, start toying with colors, and get an as-it-happens preview while you tweak. You can still upload a custom background image and adjust the coloring for every element of your channel. Once you’re done, just click save to publish the new design publicly.” –

For more info:


  1. yeh I been meaning to do this for a long time, when I posted a few comments on stuff (mainly old hardcore tracks (obv)), I realised that there’s a community of people who use youtube as a sort of jukebox or DJ for playing harder to get tracks etc. (I got a PM from a guy who esplained it to me). Since then I been meaning to upload all my stuff to it, but as yet have noe, basically I want to just make a few more rendered 3D animations and then I will make lots of videos for my tracks with these. The problem is my procrastination/OCD makes me want to try and match the animations to the music, which is something I find easy in Premiere Pro to do, but I dont own a copy of that so I’m trying to find a viable alternative but have not yet – tbh I dont need anything fancy effects wise (because I can do all that in blenders video editor) but I just need to be able to accurately match the music to the animations. I had kinda gotten to the stage where I was able to do this in blender, but I’ve forgotten again – better get back to it soon…


    1. Maurice made such nice stills but if he didn’t I was going to use:


  2. Unfortunately, since I am subscribed I only go straight to the new vids so I missed seeing the new design, thanks for the reminder to check it out!


  3. Nicely done. I’m in the process of getting all of my stuff on the YouTube as well. It is slow going though. The rendering and upload times are crippling. I could be writing music instead of just watching my laptop groan.



    1. Thanks for sharing. Yeah luckily I’m on a new Macbook Pro and my upload speeds aren’t too bad in NYC. That said I played a few games on my iPad as things went up.


  4. This is great advice that I best be taking!


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