Modified Memory

modified EHX Stereo Memory Man delay pedal from Brian Biggs on Vimeo.

Even if you can’t totally understand this mod if you enjoy a pretty gear video your going to like this.

“I wired this all up on a breadboard before doing any permanent damage to my new pedal, and was quite surprised when it worked. Confidence flowing, I took the step of drilling six new holes into the aluminum case of the SMMH. This was rather thrilling in a DIY sort of way. There was no going back now.” –

For more info:


  1. Thanks for posting this Oliver.
    If you don’t totally understand the mod, you’re not the only one. The post was written and the video was made for that small tiny little nerdy gang of creatures (a gang in which I am a dues-paying member) that are really into modular synths over at
    The idea is that it’s impossible to keep time with a delay pedal using a sequencer, unless there is a trigger input. Since pedals are made for guitars, they don’t have them. The Eventide Timefactor can use Midi to sync, but not the SMMH. So I wanted to add a few trigger inputs. I’m using it with a little trigger sequencer, but you could also hook it up to drum machines or any analog gear that sends gates or triggers.


    1. Thanks for the video and explanation! I totally forgot about the Muffwiggler forums… time to catch up on some posts!


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