djay for iPad 2

djay hits 1.2 with some nice features. We need a 12″ screened iPad ok Apple? By the way there’s no reason you shouldn’t load two copies of one of your own tracks in this thing and make a quick remix!

“Key Lock: Utilizing zplane.development’s advanced time-stretching technology, élastique efficient, Key Lock offers the ability to stretch the audio of each turntable individually in real-time, enabling users to change the speed of the song without affecting its pitch. Enhanced Audio Analysis: Features high precision beat-grid and onset extraction with a visual representation on the wave form; users can now beat-match songs with even greater precision. Loop / Cue Snapping: djay aligns loops and cue points to the song’s beat grid based on the enhanced accuracy of the audio analysis.” –

For more info:

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  1. So is club-ready? :) Looks very cool..but are the crash issues resolved?



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