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I went to College at SUNY Purchase. Today the school has “normaled” out a bit but when I went there it was mostly art students. One of the required courses was called Social Sciences in the Arts. The professor spent a good amount of time explaining there were different types of artists. The curriculum suggested that obviously an artist creates and is heavily inspired by his surrounding. It also suggested that every artist is heavily influenced by his audience. I found that to be the interesting part. I do think of who will be listening when I make music. The professor explained that even artists who are complete hermits, who never show their work in their lifetime create it hoping or knowing someday someone will discover it. Do you agree? Below are some links to an early Italian review of my album and an interview I did with French electronic music photographer/blogger Morganistik:

“Everything is taken, with expansion into the New Wave of Joy Division in the funereal “Love Sick”. Halfway between the Rock and Synth Pop is Joyless Pleasure…” – technodisco.it

Review: technodisco.it
Interview: morganistik.com

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