The Horrorist – Joyless Pleasure

Joyless Pleasure – The Horrorist by thingstocome

As I slept last night my new album Joyless Pleasure was moved from the iTunes staging area where new MP3s get prepared for their lives on people harddrives and marked available. Each song took more inspiration and effort than I care to share. You my dear listener are supposed to think it was effortless and that I possess some magic music making power. Truthfully I picked the times when I was feeling the most crazy, upset or happy and forced myself into the corner studio.

I love to talk about songwriting and music tech so it was difficult not to post each one of these songs here as I finished them and tell you the story behind the lyrics and what production techniques I used. In the following couple of weeks if you don’t mind I will go into detail on some of the songs. Of course this is part promotion but it’s also to keep the “I released an new album” feeling going a little longer. So as younger folk say plz leave comments and plz retweet! Buy it or steal it but whatever you do please help me spread it around.

“The Horrorist new album “Joyless pleasure” is out today on Things to Come records. Softer and surprisingly romantic but still full of energy and extremely tortured. You can’t put one style tag on the album. In the 1st track “Modern” the voice will make you think of Ian Curtis, Joy Division. “Joyless pleasure” has a high Depeche Mode feel with ultra pure and detailed synths sounds and effects. “Darkling Lullaby”, “Love sick” and “Lovely Sweet” are islands in The Horrorist universe as they are not dance tracks. “Hostage” takes us on an electroclash direction and “I stand with you” in pure EBM style with a Nitzer Ebb impression. An album more mature than ever, more melancholic. Even if we can compare some songs to other people’s sounds, there is one thing that will always belong to The Horrorist and be unique like this album: it’s his strange stories. Joyless Pleasure is like a jewelry piece but in electronic music.” –

Available now: iTunes Amazon MP3 Amazon CD

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18 Responses to “The Horrorist – Joyless Pleasure”

  1. Silvano says:

    Good work! :) Will the cd also be released in Germany?

  2. Wicked Sushi says:

    All I can say is that I had the album on repeat all morning. Superb stuff! Looking forward to reading the story behind the lyrics.

  3. liquido says:

    Congratulations. I’ve been following the blog for a while and noticing your 80s love. It didn’t shine through that much in earlier tracks, but this album is pure new romantics love. To be honest not my favorite genre – nevertheless thumbs up after one hearing.

    I can relate to your urge to go into depth with and explain production and thoughts and each track, so I look forward to that!

  4. tazzaler says:

    Where is my lossless digital download Analog God!!! (Just had to say it, it’s a mouthful and “lulzy”)

    But no, I saw this before I did a final and moved out of my dorm and rushed both just so I can finally sit down and download it. It’s great to finally have some new material from you, Oliver.

    I also appreciate the posting of your music on AmazonMP3. As a stern non-Apple (I’ll hold from using “anti”) user I really do enjoy artists/labels who do duel release on the [far popular] iTunes and [least popular] AmazonMP3. That’s [through Amazon] got your first two [Horrorist] albums.

  5. Thanks for the nice comments!

  6. Will def purchase soon. Skimming through the songs, i can see this fitting right in with the Seattle weather =o] Perfect for early morning walks to work!

  7. Raytrace says:

    congrats to finally getting it done man :) – I’d say it must be a great feeling I know that just finishing one track always makes me feel very relieved kinda and happy – so so much accumulated tracked finishness must be truly epic :)

    • Thanks I am pleased. I always forget how much work it is getting the actual “rest” of it done… manufacturing, design, promotion… it’s a lot of (fun) work. Did you get my email by the way?

  8. Raytrace says:

    cool man yeah haha I get a headache just makin sure I got the right samplerates ready for upload etc :) – oh no sorry – I ain’t been checking my e-mail in a while (I find the more twittery/facebook PM/chat life becomes the less I check my e-mail – I’ll check it now man

  9. Mason says:

    Awesome. Can’t wait to see see you perform in Denver!

  10. dominic says:

    hey Oliver, did you get my answer on Souncloud regarding the remix?


  11. Raytrace says:

    cool stuff! been listening to the album again – the mood reminds me of Suicide (who I like a lot) – nice one :)

  12. tazzaler says:

    As it’s been a week or so with the album, I continually wonder when I am going to hear “Blood bubbles. Trouble trouble. Trouble trouble!”

    Where is Blow the Kiss Oliver? :P

  13. kev on music says:

    congrats man, great stuff! awesome trippy electronica!

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