monome arc4 plane

Money no object I want to build a room of arc4s and monomes.

“I’ve always loved step sequencers and I see the monome as an opportunity to address some of the grey area between the one knob per function analog step sequencer and step sequencers with memory. The idea is to increase the available note range without sacrificing precision and increase the available sequence length range, without sacrificing direct manipulation and feedback. So, when the arc came around it seemed like a useful navigational tool to manipulate a large plane of data.” – stretta

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  1. Yeah, if money were no object I would have a monome 512, 4-knob arc, and connect it up to control a modular synthesizer. And by some miracle I’d also have the time to write all of that stunning software, right down to a function which automatically calibrates my oscillators. God bless Stretta for livin’ the dream. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to connect my monome 64 and make some wicked Operator loops. Yeah!

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