Vomito Negro – Raise Your Power

Before techno hit the world it was songs like Vomito Negro Raise Your Power that made me turn off the headlights of my 1987 Nissan 300ZX and speed faster than fast through the night. My Sunday Sounds message to you: Stay pissed people. Stay sharp or die.

“Raise Your Power Now. Raise Your Power!” – Vomito Negro

For more info: en.wikipedia.org/Vomito_Negro_(band)

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3 Responses to “Vomito Negro – Raise Your Power”

  1. Nice. I have “Save The World/Move Your Body” on 12″. Great band.

  2. Tazzaler says:

    They’re still going strong today, great to see!

  3. Philipp says:


    I would have rocked to that stuff, too.
    It is way more interesting than most modern EBM-stuff.
    Infact it has a lot of the things which I like about Techno.

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