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I thought I would share a new website I put up for my music alias The Horrorist. I went for clean and as simple as possible. I hope you like it. Just a few weeks to go before my new album is released. I can’t wait to let you hear it.

“A songwriter is an individual who writes both the lyrics and music to a song. Someone who solely writes lyrics may be called a lyricist, and someone who only writes music may be called a composer.” – Wikipedia

For more info:

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10 Responses to “New Artist Website”

  1. pugsfly says:

    Flavors is pretty ingenious, right?

    The website looks great.

  2. Tazzaler says:


    Only gripe is the color of the background of the webpage and the picture don’t match up is getting my eyes all pissy

    but otherwise it’s all the modern as can be!

    • Tazzaler says:

      but now I am dumb, as I test it some more it’s because of my high resolution screen, I make my window smaller the overlay than goes over the picture making the site more complete.

  3. Merlijn Nimmegeers says:

    I like it! ^^

  4. Rattmouth says:

    Looks fantastic! A couple of geek fixes here. Apologies folks, this will be a wordy comment.

    Line 13 of your CSS, should be more like this…

    body { font-family:”Lucida Grande”, “Trebuchet MS”, Arial, sans-serif; color:#000000; }

    If a computer doesn’t have Lucida Grande (usually a Windows machine), then your text appears as Times New Roman. Yuck City! A good equivalent to Lucida Grande (that most Windows machines will have) is Trebuchet MS. If neither of those fonts are available it can cascade down to Arial, and worst possible case scenario, it will default to whatever the default sans serif font is.

    Lastly, put double quotation marks around any font name with more than one word with a space in between the words. This is for better browser compatibility.

    Keep up the great work, looking forward to the album!

  5. cool design. only the little issue for bigger screen (eg. 22″..). you should set a backgroundcolor.

  6. Philipp says:

    Great, great, great.

    Not that I am a fan of the minimal style of the day… I always liked artist websites with some stuff to discover. But I guess you have all that stuff on
    How did you do this cover scrolling pane with the music? Are the files on soundcloud? Is this an available ready made script or someting?

    Cool website at any rate. How many sites do you have now?

    Congrats. Phil.

  7. KRFSK says:

    Its lovely!

    And cant wait for the new album!!!

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