Slewpi is similar to MIT’s Singer Fingers but instead of samples it uses an synth engine. You draw with sound. Different colors, thicknesses and locations on the iPhone screen represent different sounds. This is a fun music App for kids and adults alike. There’s no reason you couldn’t find use for this in your music productions.

“Slewpi is a new type of app that lets you create music and synthesized sound and animation by painting on the screen with your fingers. Slewpi is super easy to use, just paint with your fingers and choose different colors and brushes to change the strokes and sounds. Slewpi records what you do and plays it back in a loop. Choose different brushes to change the visual style as well as the sound of your strokes in real-time. The different brushes correspond to different synthesizer waveform and vibrato settings allowing you to create new and diverse audio/visual compositions.” –

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  1. Hi, I’m the creator of Slewpi and wanted to say thanks for posting about it. And for the kind comments, it really helps getting feedback like this. Makes me want to add more and more :) BTW the video you posted was created by a super nice user, VJFranzK, I very much appreciate the video he made, I’ve made some videos of my own this week here’s one in case anyone wants to see it:
    There are more on my channel, please feel free to contact me about anything bugs raves rants ideas whatevs. Thanks.

    1. It’s really fun to play with. I’ve been running the audio into some older hardware samplers and into Ableton to slice into drum racks. This is why I love the iPad. Lots of audio noise makers for just a little big of money that can serve as the raw material for making music.

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