Vermona PerFourmer MKII

I was looking through the great collection of Musikmesse 2011 videos posted by Sonic State and came across the new Vermona PerFourmer MKII. Besides the myriad of knobs it has a polyphonic mode where the voices rotate or it can be set up as 4 individual synthesizers. We really have a wide selection of great analog hardware synthesizers to choose from these days! 1400 EUR. Available this summer.

“And here it is. We’d like to introduce you to the new PerFourMer MKII. Like its predecessor it features four individual synthesizers that can be linked and played with six different playmodes: 2x monophonic, 2x duophonic and 2x polyphonic. Each synthesizer has a VCO with sine, triangle, pulse and sawtooth wave shape as well as a noise generator. There is a lowpass filter, an ADSR envelope generator and a LFO that can be synced by an internal or external (MIDI-) clock. A whole synthesizer can be modulation source for oscillator- or filter frequency of the following one and it has got hard-sync for the oscillators and soft-sync for the LFO.” –

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  1. Computer Controlled April 8, 2011 at 3:54 pm

    I had the original PerFourmer for a wee bit. Sounded great. Sorta like 4 stripped down SH-101s in a box. The FM could get pretty crazy!


  2. i owe the original and so far this was the best (instrument) buy i ever did. nothing over these analog sounds. theres also one video of me performing livetechno with this toy… check it out:


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