Garageband for iPad

Garageband for iPad was announced along with the iPad 2 yesterday. It could be considered the first mainstream DAW to go tablet. I like that Apple is pushing the creation/full computer side of the iPad with it’s own apps. Garageband for iPad is in decent company along with iPad versions of iMovie, Pages, etc… You have to wonder if Ableton has a team working on iOS software.

“GarageBand for iPad gives you all the tools you need to lay down fresh tracks and record music anywhere you go.” – apple

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The Analogue Solutions Leipzig is a Moogish clone that sounds more like an original Mini than a Voyager. It’s the synth to buy if you want a vintage synth new. I played with one at Schneider’s Beuro in Berlin and it does sound quite good. The “R” version you see above has been discontinued and a new “S” class is coming out soon. The new S has an 8 step sequencer, 2 full ADSRs and MIDI sync. Looks like it will be a tasty EBM machine.

“Leipzig-r (rack version) is now discontinued, but in about 2 months will have a new version called Leipzig-s.” –