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The tech industry is going to finally let us store our own music in the cloud. We can then listen on our mobile and web devices from anywhere. Amazon is first out the gate with it’s Cloud Drive and Player. Google and Apple will surely soon follow. Here’s some thoughts. I hope it’s easy to get my massive music collection online. I will be glad to have my collection anywhere I can log-in to the net. I’m glad my music collection will be backed up online. I hope it works over 3g or it’s useless. I wonder if any of these services will allow me to embed a player and share my music. If they do I wonder if it will have massive implications for SoundCloud. I hope there will be some interesting APIs spurring some innovative Apps that use your online locker. Ho hum another bill.

“Amazon’s easy uploading process makes it simple for customers to save their music library to their Cloud Drive. Files can be stored in AAC or MP3 formats and will be uploaded to Cloud Drive in the original bit rate. Customers can hand-pick particular songs, artists, albums or playlists to upload or simply upload their entire music library.” –

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6 thoughts on “Music Cloud”

  1. Oliver – I’ve been trying it out since it was announced and it technically works perfectly.

    Upload time is a huge problem with the service, though, if you’re really into music. I uploaded 1 playlist of a little over 3 GB and it ran overnight and is still going today.

    Based on this, it would take at least a week to upload my current library.

    This doesn’t seem like a technology/service that’s ready for mass adoption yet

  2. Hey Oliver. I’m missing the Soundcloud connection. This seems to be more of a place to store and listen to music on one’s phone or iPad or whatever, while Soundcloud’s selling point is the Flickr-like “community.” Unless, that is, one uses Soundcloud merely for the embedding player, in which case I can see the overlap.

    1. I agree right now there is no real connection but imagine Google and Apple in the game with more social features. If I get used to my music all in one place online including my own recordings….

      1. Why the need to upload anything … all the data is there somewhere already. Surely if the ‘cloud’ can see your original CD or file at the user end, it should just retrieve from an Amazon library of material?

        What a waste of bandwidth and space to keep a copy of a song for every user!!


  3. – Amazon is being sued for Cloud Drive
    – 3G data caps will ensure that you will pay big $$$ to access your music on the go

    That said, I hope this sort of thing gets figured out, because it IS a cool idea.

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