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SoundPrism Pro – Demo by thingstocome

Last night I had some time to hook up SoundPrism Pro (iTunes link) to Ableton Live via the Camera Connection Kit and a small M-Audio MIDI interface I had lying around. I am very pleased that it worked easily and the results are wonderful. I was able to record all the pretty chord and bass selections SoundPrism spit out. It took less than a few minutes to create verse and chorus melodies that work together. In this quick demo I used some free Roland TR-808 samples and a software Korg Wavestation through D16’s Devastor distortion. Truly inspirational.

“It’s like getting a futuristic keyboard in the present.” – Lee Kaczor (iTunes review)

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18 thoughts on “SoundPrism Pro Demo”

          1. So with soundprism you make bassline audio or midi out to control Ableton Live?

            If it is audio why don’t you just use the headphones out? :)

            Thank you for your patience. :P


      1. I agree … Soundprism Pro is great.

        I set up a WiFi MIDI connection directly to my MacBook Pro, by configuring the AirPort as a stand alone “adhoc” network. Then in the Audio/MIDI set up window configuring the “Network MIDI” object.

        IPad — MacBook – Cubase VSTi and recording.

        Almost no latency really ….

        Very impressive.

        (So is Thumbjam too BTW!)



          1. Try PolyChord too. It works really well over MIDI if you want to play structured, known chord sequences… like Cmaj7/ G / Gdim/ Dm and so on.

            Separate MIDI channels for chords/manual Strum/Bass/Drums/Arpegiator

            Of course it’s built in sounds are blah … but into a DAW is amazing.

            I think these three are the best playable MIDI instruments so far … Soundprism/Thumbjam and Polychord

          1. Here you go:

            In the MacBook Airport Preferences/Settings tick show in Menu Bar. In the Finder Click on the WIFI/Airport icon that has appeared. Click on “Create Network” Name it. You’ve just set up your MacBook as a separate WIFi Network source.

            On the MacBook Open the AudioMidi Setup app (in the Utilities folder). From the Window menu click on “Show MIDI Window”. Double click on the “Network” icon/object.

            In the Network Setup Pane that opens click on the “+” button under the “Sessions” box to create a session.You can name this session … it will be the name of the MIDI port that shows up in your MacBook MIDI DAW or VSTi. To the right check the “Enabled” box. Leave this open for the time being.

            Now, back on iPad in WiFi Settings Join the MacBook Network. You’ve just joined the MacBook WIFi Network. Now launch SoundPrism (or other MIDI app) on the iPad.

            Back on the MacBook the iPad should pop up in the NetWork Setup window with a green light (with the name of the iPad), in the “Directories” box. Select it and click on “Connect” at the bottom. The iPad App is now sending MIDI over the network.

            In your DAW/VSTi a MIDI input call “session” (or whatever you named it should now be available to select). It is now receiving MIDI from the iPad.

            Play. Fun huh?

            If you close the iPad App and launch a new one you’ll have to “re-connect” (press the “Connect” button in the MIDI Network Set Up Pane again.

            Hope it helps

  1. Love the mixture of sleeziness and melancholy in this quickly made tune. Im not on the less is more minimal wagon but it makes me happy to hear something, which is beautiful because of its simplicity and not because of how nicely its produduced..

  2. When u say iPad> camera connection kit> audio interface, what is the cable which connects from camera kit to audio interface? Is it USB to midi out? Or USB to USB? My interface doesn’t have any USB in, but has a midi in… Can I use that?

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