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Now that I’ve finished my album I am putting together the same album full of remixes. Instead of paying 20 people to do remixes for me I am trading a remix of my own for one of theirs. This serves three purposes. I don’t have to shell out a bunch of cash. It forces me to work on material that’s not my own which I find a challenge. Lastly, every remix I do for someone else gets promoted by that artist therefore extending my own name into the world. I know this is obvious but maybe this post will trigger you to go trade with your friends, fans and if your lucky music heros. This weekend I am finishing remixes for Haujobb and Steinkind. See how they just got some free press?

“A remixer uses audio mixing to compose an alternate master recording of a song, adding or subtracting elements, or simply changing the equalization, dynamics, pitch, tempo, playing time, or almost any other aspect of the various musical components. Some remixes involve substantial changes to the arrangement of a recorded work, but many are harmonic, such as creating a “vocal up” version of an album cut that emphasizes the lead singer’s voice.” – Wikipedia

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"Hello my name is Oliver and I'm going to tell you a story." I have been recording music since 1989 under the name The Horrorist. I have released over 60 singles and 4 full length albums. To hear my music please go to:

13 thoughts on “Trade Remixes”

  1. Hello! I released some EP’s around 2001, and am now just finishing up my debut album. The style is dark electronic (even kind of Depeche Mode-ish), and I would love to do a remix for ‘ya! Thanks!

  2. How about making some of your tracks available publicly for remixing so that fans/hobbyists/amateurs/hopefuls can have a crack at remixing. I am strictly an amateur/hobbyist who does it just for fun and the challenge of it and am always looking for something new try my hand at.

  3. hey Oliver here’s a link for my stuff:

    the first 2 tracks are my newest ones. also if you want to listen something different scroll down and listen to “Aquarium” :)

  4. Glad to have a nice response here… I book marked this post in my Google Docs file for Joyless Pleasure that lists the remixers. In 8-10 weeks when I send the remix kits out I will reach out to all of you. Big thanks!

  5. Guess I’m really late for this, but I think it’s really a great idea, so I would be in for this, even if it’s just a chance for me to work on some of your amazing tracks.
    Well if the thing is still active you can check out my latest stuff here:
    Tracks nr. 2 and 3 might be the most finished ones. The style might be fitting, it’s somewhere between retro sci-fi movie soundtracks circuitbending and industrial electronic music

    Anyway, if this trade thing is still active or not, I would be interested in just making a remix for you!

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