LoopMash, Mike, SuperAnalog808

Here’s a trio for Tuesday. Three new interesting pro-audio related products. Number one we have Steinberg LoopMash. LoopMash mangles four loops. It’s an iPhone App. I grabbed it and it has a pretty cool faux 3D swipe to different screen effect worth checking out. Years after abandoning Cubase I’m using a Steinberg product again. Number two is Mike. It’s a microphone from Apogee that goes directing into your iOS device. It’s from Apogee so it deserves mention. Convenience and AD/DA conversion wise it should be a winner however I’m all about high end mic pres and Mike can’t use one. Number three we have SuperAnalog808 a Roland TR-808 sample pack from Goldbaby designed for Loopmasters. If you don’t own a real 808 or Acidlab Miami then samples are your friend. Goldbaby does them right and there’s a million suble differences between 808s and ways to record them so another sample set is always welcome.

For more info: LoopMash, Mike, SuperAnalog808


  1. Goldbaby just released a new library, iAm-K3m. Sounds great (as per usual) http://goldbaby.co.nz/iam_k3m.html


  2. I want to buy this Miami, but i have no response to my e-mails and i am desperate. please klaus, say something !


  3. I just started listening to Goldbaby’s new library last week, guess you can’t really call it new now but I’m a bit slow with things sometimes. Yeah it’s brilliant but I’d expect nothing less really.


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