Oliver Chesler’s 13 Must Have iPad Games

So you finally going to get an iPad today? iPad 2 is out so why not? Ready for some music making apps right? Don’t forget to have some fun too! You could grab all the games below for less than half the price of a PS3 game. These are my favorites. Certainly these are not going to be everyone’s picks. I like quick retro vector future pick up and play games. Some of these are iPhone games but look great blown up on the iPad screen. Enjoy your new toy!

Touchwars HD: link

Vector Runner HD: link

Spheroids: Was this game removed from the App store? I can’t find the link?!

Halcyon: link

Infinity Field: link

Minotron 2112: link

Juggle: link

80s Galaxy: link

VectorRacing: link

Poppi: link

Oh, the Huge Manatee: link

GeoSpark: link

Geometry Wars: link

photo credit: Robert Scoble

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"Hello my name is Oliver and I'm going to tell you a story." I have been recording music since 1989 under the name The Horrorist. I have released over 60 singles and 4 full length albums. To hear my music please go to: thehorrorist.com

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