Eventide Space

Eventide Space – Sneak Peak from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

A few months ago when Eventide announced their new hardware box called Space the music tech crowd was buzzing. I admit I didn’t totally get why. Like many producers I know I’ve returned to using a lot of hardware but reverbs wasn’t a box I needed to go back to. Yesterday I saw the above demo video from Richard Devine on my Facebook feed (thanks Daniel Meyer) and this morning again on Synthtopia. Needless to say I have to have one of these. It’s the sound. I wonder if these will become as common as the Boss-SE50 did? Probably not and that’s a good thing for those who are in the know. The Space is $500.

“Never before has there been a more dazzling collection of reverb algorithms combined with delays, pitch shifting, tremolo, modulation, and spatial effects in such a compact and affordable package.” – eventide.com

For more info: eventide.com/stompBoxes/eventide_space


  1. Yeah! They sound ace. Check out our demo soundcloud we did just before NAMM (Moog Voyager thru Space): http://soundcloud.com/sourcedist/moog-voyager-thru-eventide-space-reverb-pedal


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