The Analogue Solutions Leipzig is a Moogish clone that sounds more like an original Mini than a Voyager. It’s the synth to buy if you want a vintage synth new. I played with one at Schneider’s Beuro in Berlin and it does sound quite good. The “R” version you see above has been discontinued and a new “S” class is coming out soon. The new S has an 8 step sequencer, 2 full ADSRs and MIDI sync. Looks like it will be a tasty EBM machine.

“Leipzig-r (rack version) is now discontinued, but in about 2 months will have a new version called Leipzig-s.” – midician.be

via sequencer.de

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One thought on “Leipzig-S”

  1. Have one of these! I didn’t know that they discontinued the “r” version.
    This machine is really warm and it’s amazing , i’m really happy with it.
    Tuning it can be a annoying sometimes but it’s worth it .

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