Marseille France

Tomorrow night I perform live in Marseille, France at Le Dock De Duds for a large event called La Nuit Rouge. Besides The Horrorist (yours truly) party goers will hear from Modeselektor, Dj Rush, Fairmont, Monika Kruse, Pet Duo, Gary Beck, Marzenit & Henri Saiz Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Clickbox and many more. I personally know a few of the other musicians/djs and I have some friends coming so I’m expecting a good time. The only thing that could mess with my happiness is that I noticed I am wait listed in Rome for my layover heading there. I have no idea what that means and being I’m flying Alitalia I am slighting concerned. I get in early enough but I do like to catch a few hours of sleep before I hit the venue. I played a bunch of new songs on New Year’s eve and I was able to weed out tracks that didn’t work, make some tracks shorter/harder, etc… That’s the key to playing live. It makes your music better. I know I said that before but without being out there you won’t make music that’s consistently awesome out there. Music for bedroom listening you can do but there’s rarely a project studio monitoring system that can tell you what a song will really be like in a giant room pumping 20 zillion decibles.

“La Nuit Rouge revient le Samedi 26 Février 2011 au Dock des Suds à Marseille avec encore une fois des artistes à faire pâlir ses cousins européens, et une vrai révolution technique niveau son et lumière. Le Nec Plus Ultra de l’histoire Nuit Rouge!!!” –…

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  1. bagel says:

    been a long time since u played glasgow

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