The Music Industry

Some are calling this chart the death of the music industry. Maybe we are just returning to global sales figures that make more sense. After all, we all know the major labels were raping our wallets with Compact Disc prices right? If these figures dip below 5 Billion then we can have a death march.

“It makes me laugh!!! Copyright may have constitutional protection, but at the end of the day, the Internet is kicking the music industries monopolistic ass.” – JoeJoe

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photo credit: Edward Cotton


  1. The chart doesn’t seem to account for inflation though. 2 billion dollars in 1977 doesn’t really compare to 2 billion dollars in 2011!

    The chart only really demonstrates that sales for digital are declining at a similar rate to sales of CDs, whereas previously the new formats quickly replaced / outsold the previous formats.


  2. I am surprised the number is still so high. I bought most my music in the early 90’s, when (for me) the music released was more interesting then nowadays.

    The last few years I barely bought anything and instead enjoy the wonderful (mostly amateur) music found at places like SoundCloud.


    1. I somewhat agree although I wonder if its that you are older now and also you make music yourself therefore you don’t buy anything you could create on your own… something like that?


  3. Would be nice to see that adjusted for inflation.


  4. It’s like the housing bubble, record companies keeping the price of music artificially high, now people are paying what it is worth (digital prices). Formula is so simple: people pay if it is cheap, and more convenient than torrenting. BTW, anyone out there going to buy Radiohead’s new one on pure principle? Just curious.


  5. What we re not being told is people have access to MUCH more choice of music styles than in the past and, not everyone is listening to what the BIG labels are pushing onto the public. simple

    I have a huge collection of amazing music near 1000 CDs etc and none of it was ever on or, even near the Top 100.


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