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Last night I attended the WordPress NYC Meetup Group at NYU Poly. The theme of the evening was ecommerce. I wanted to see if there was a good solution if you wanted to skip iTunes, Beatport and Amazon. There were three presentations covering the popular WordPress solutions: WP-eCommerce, Shopp and Ecwid. A representative for each product showed off what the products could do. Next, the WordPress Meetup Group broke into three parts everyone following whatever product they liked best into a separate room.

WP-eCommerce and Shopp were similar but I thought Shopp was cleaner and the develeper really knew his stuff so I followed him into the Shopp room. Ecwid was the only product with a monthly subsciption and it was based and hosted your files in Russia. I actually won a rafle for a free year of Ecwid but I still skipped past it. I’m sure it could be a great product but the entire idea of my night out was to find a free or pay once self contained solution.

Years ago I ran an online store script off my own website called the Easybe shop. Shopp is far simplier and more powerful to use. You can sell digital goods quite easily. Download links expire and are encoded so your source url is never revealed. You can send out coupon codes. You can sell physical goods. You can sell digital and physical goods within the same product using variables (such as a CD or MP3 download). You store lives on your Wordpres site within a link but there are sidebar widgets or shortcodes to put any product or product category into any WordPress post (nice!). There are options to host your files on your own server or if you’re a huge site you can use Amazon S3. There are language plug-ins and much more. The price seems very reasonable to me at $55. The only time you pay more is when there are full version point upgrades.

Because Shopp is a full store not specifically an mp3 store it doesn’t have a built in audio player but you can use SoundCloud embeds or a Wordpres plug-in like Audioplayer for your sample clips. I really liked what I saw and I’m going to set up a sample shop here on this site over the weekend. I still think you should have your stuff available for sale on iTunes, Amazon and Beatport. However, why not have a one click away store where no one get a cut of your action?

“Shopp seamlessly integrates into your WordPress website from administration to your online store’s shopping experience. It looks and works like it was meant to be part of WordPress all along. And Shopp plays well with other plugins by adhering to the WordPress plugin development guidelines.” –

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5 thoughts on “Shopp Digital Download Store”

  1. Hi,
    Just a quick note:
    1. Actually almost all Ecwid features are free. Monthly subscription is completely optional and isn’t required to run a store.
    2. All stores are hosted in USA on Amazon EC2 servers.

  2. Oliver, ever heard of hiring a wordpress module programmer to create exactly what you want? I did a job recently for the NY Goth Radio site WFKU.ORG creating a custom drupal module that automagically upgrades a users membership based on a premium they pay through paypal. What you need is a custom job with payment portal/auto-generated link per user with expiry. Forget this pay to play stuff, no offense eugene.

  3. No problem, 8bit. I understand that some developers don’t like hosted/SaaS services. However it is our future.
    For example nowadays nobody sets up his/her own mail servers, everybody uses Gmail, Hotmail, Google Apps, etc. The same will apply for the e-commerce industry.

    It is of course always possible to create a custom module, however do you really think that it will work as a tool developed for 2 years by 15 programmers? : -)

    1. I hear you Eugene and you’re totally right that things are cloud based now. Ecwid is great don’t get me wrong and for the low fi artist with under 100 releases it’s free, I think, right?

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