Drift Box

Introducing the”Drift Box” from yamadub on Vimeo.

I love this demo video for the Drift Box synth. His accent and bit crusher on certain sections on his voice keep me watching. If you click on the more info link below you can see there is also a Drift Box Modular and something called a Reon Modular. “Hello everyone I am Drift Man.”

“”Drift Box” is a compact monophonic synthesizer. That’s product of REON co.,Ltd in osaka japan.” – yamadub

To buy and more info: umenaka.com/digital/synthesizer.htm

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5 Responses to “Drift Box”

  1. TheOutsider says:

    This was a nice surprise! I never expected to see something out of my neighborhood on WTE… (if you have a look at my profile on soundcloud you’ll see what I mean). Sad thing is these are sold out already.

  2. ohhh, this surely is gonna make fun!

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