No more cassette decks in new cars

Honestly I did not think you could recently have purchased a new car in the USA with a stock cassette deck. Apparently in 2010 the Lexus SC430 still had that option. The NYTimes has a story titled For Car Cassette Decks, Play Time Is Over in it today about the end of the wait to rewind or fast forward era in cars. Of course you can still get after market cassette decks.

“That nostalgic affection for tape holds no sway with automakers, though. For the 2011 model year, no manufacturer selling cars in the United States offers a tape player either as standard equipment or as an option on a new vehicle. The most recent choice for a factory cassette deck was the 2010 Lexus SC 430.” –

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2 thoughts on “No more cassette decks in new cars”

  1. I’m only so old, so the car I have is a used 1995 Buick Century and it has a Tape deck. Had to actually go on Ebay and look up some old tapes for me to get and surely enough the quality and the experience are grade A, a great nostalgic trip.

  2. What I’d like to see instead of the cassette deck is a “line in” jack as the standard on all stereos. That would allow the use of other media players (i.e. iPods) with ease. The only reason I like the cassette deck in my car is because it is an easy way to play the music that I want to hear.

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