Maybe this is an Eventide H8000 Review Video

Yeah so I’m uh. I mean. Well… The Eventide H8000 is a hardware multieffect unit that goes for about $5500. Here’s a video that has something to do with the unit. At around 2:43 in the video a giant Conion boombox appears. I own the same one (the boombox not H8000). Hah!

“Featuring nearly sixteen hundred post-production and music effects preset-algorithms, never before has Eventide unleashed so much power for your creative endeavors.” –

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10 thoughts on “Maybe this is an Eventide H8000 Review Video”

  1. Thats talented and controversial danish musician Goodiepal + his crew.

    He does a lot of crap on the border between cool conceptual provocative art and just plain stupid idiotic crap. Like (supposedly) stealing the eventide from the music conservatory. As far as I recall, it was a hoax.

    Latest thing he did was make an album, sell it for 250dkk (50$) and include a crisp 500dkk (100$) bill inside. Claiming that he borrowed the money from the eastern european mafia, and will be killed in a year if he can’t pay back.

    Anyway, the schwastica is just a childish provocation. The nazi version is the other way around and tipped.

    Goodiepal is sometimes fun, sometimes an idiot, once (and possibly still) briliant but always hard to ignore.

      1. No probs mate. Do yourself a favor if you’re looking to waste time and have your mind blown one day – do a youtube search for goodiepal and check his stuff.

        Love the blog by the way. Stumbled upon it after picking up some of your old tracks. Respect from Copenhagen!

  2. It’s also worth mentioning that several of the artists in the video are actively contributing to the danish breakcore and electronic scene. I have had the joy of watching DJ Hvad and Cancer perform under their name “Albertslund Terror Korps” (Reference to Rotterdam Terror Corps”) several times and they are awesome. Their music can best be described as a mix between hardcore/breakbeat/glitch/hip-hop/ethnic. The Albertslund Terror kops performance at Roskilde Festival in 2008 was the bomb – check them out on either (their label), myspace or YouTube

    And yes, their visuals are childish, provocative and often makes fun of (especially danish) politicians etc.. However, this is just danish “humor/satire” and an expression of speech – Don’t take it seriously :)

    On a sidenote, DJ Hvad and some of the other guys recently started doing workshops on music creation for youngsters in Denmark, trying to get especially ethnic kids of the streets.

    Big props!

  3. this is the worst sacrialidge of the most expensive sounding (and capable) effects unit ever. If I were Eventide corporate I’d sue these morons for making the greatest multi effects unit in the world look like total SH&&t. Since when do Break Core waanabe Danish rappers need to use an Eventide anyway?
    You can give a bunch of monkeys the same tools used by Picasso and Rembrandt but it does not mean they are going to create something beautiful with it.
    Same goes for an Eventide. Give it to a bunch of gang bang wannabe euro rappers and watch them create trash with it, ha ha. Albeit, really expensive trash!
    Its a good thing Eventide has a product legacy backing them up for these idiots did NOTHING to show what this unit is capable of and anyone who is new to the Eventide sound would come away worse for information than if they never sought out a product demo. Word of Caution:
    DO NOT judge the sound of ANY eventide effects unit base off this video

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