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In my continual effort to make my music studio into an 80’s time machine I picked up a Boss DM-100 bucket-brigade analog delay and chorus. Similar vintage units have been used on vocals by the Stray Cats and Richard 23 of Front 242. You could spend a lot more on new tape delay pedals such as the Moog 104Z but they aren’t as noisy and sleezy. In fact, a quick forum search on the DM-100 shows this unit is quite coveted. I like that the DM-100 has the input and outputs on the front which will make it quick to get drum machines and iPads through it and back into Ableton. If your not familiar with this type of device watch the video above at 20 seconds in to be impressed. If you want to stay in the box check out Audio Damage’s DubStation or Fabfilter’s Timeless plug-ins.

“The DM-100 uses is together with the compact DM-2 Boss’s first BBD based delay. The DM-100 is also making use of the Roland FCF (Frequency Controlled Filter) to produce its delay sound. The FCF gradually rolls of higher frequencies as the delay time increases. With the mode switch the user can choose whether to use the Delay Machine as a delay or chorus. The intensity of the chorus is adjusted with a control on the back and the effect can be turned on or off with a footswitch (not supplied with the DM-100).” –

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  1. I used to have one of these. Sold it to Scott Jaeger of the Harvestman though. Set the feedback to self oscillation and run a drum machine through it. =o] I used to do that with the 707. Get the input volume just right and you get a cool pumping sound.

  2. I love analog bucket brigade delays. I’m the proud owner of an SR&D Stereo Delay made by Tom Sholz back in the late 80s. It was kind of an odd unit at the time since everyone had moved into the digital realm for delays and reverbs at this point. They’re a bit rare, but worth seeking out.

  3. I have one. The analog delay gets READ dark, real quick. It’s much darker than my 1980 Ibanez delay. But still great.

    The chorus is like unto the original Boss chorus. The only control is depth. Speed is preset. The waveform is a square wave. But the sound is unique and compelling. I used it with my bass for years.

  4. This is just the best sounding Delay machine ever if you ask me!
    Looks very good too.It reminds me of the knobs and buttons of an old Beatle car…

  5. hi, i recently bought a boss dm100, when i switch to chorus mode i cant hear any difference in sound, is the chorus on when the delay is on too? or maybe it needs to be turn on via a footswitch – which i dont have… any ideas?

  6. fx23, On the back of the unit is a depth knob, a small shaft with no knob on it. Turn that up. A footswitch is not needed for the chorus or delay. If that doesn’t work, I would suspect a problem with the front panel switch.

    The depth control on the back is the only adjustment for the chorus on this unit.

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