Tom Oberheim SON OF 4 VOICE

What’s better than one Oberheim SEM analog synthesizer? Four of course. There’s usually a catch to something as great as the new Tom Oberheim Son Of 4 Voice and there is: $3500. Skip the monthly Mercedes Benz lease payment and grab one of these.

“100% discrete analog … absolutly no custom chips. SO4V can be used as a 4-voice polyphonic synth or as 4 individual synths under MIDI control. Two SO4Vs can be ganged together to create an 8-voice.” –

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Oliver Chesler

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7 thoughts on “Tom Oberheim SON OF 4 VOICE”

  1. I want it buy it but first I need a job ^.^

    I will layer my beloved SEM Pro in the meantime. These are lifelasting musical investments like a good guitar or piano. Not tha you can’t make good music without them, they are simply a joy to hear, play, twist and squeeze. And I don’t think they can be digitally duplicated in a satisfactory way yet.

    I love digital synths, fx …etc they all have their place.


    BTW, the Oberheim 2Voice is going to be released very soon !!!
    Along with the Sub Phatty, mini MS20, EH 8 Step analog sequencer, Analog Four, Akai MAX… Etc it’s part of the new true analog wave. Lovable.

    Now if only Mr oberheim would reissue the OB X

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