Ujam can best be described as a web/cloud version of Microsoft Songsmith or the iPhone App LaDiDa. While most musicians I know freak out and call this type of stuff the end of the world I rather enjoy it. I created an account and just spit out a few works like hello hello checking 123 lala and chose synthpop as a style. You can hear it tracked my pitch and threw matched pitched music behind my voice:

“UJAM is a cloud-based platform that empowers everybody to easily create new music or
enhance their existing musical talent and share it with friends. Sing a tune or follow a simple step-by-step process to produce a professional-sounding , impressive piece of music.” – ujam.com

For more info: ujam.com or youtube.com/ujamvideo


  1. if anything at least it will definitely provide the backing track to some legendary memes over the next few years no doubt :D


  2. I like this jamming tool, impressive! It would be nice if you could export the midi files to your DAW.


  3. well as cheesy as it seems to me…it may actually have some value to musicians. a lot of good songwriting comes out of jamming as it gets the general feel and idea or key melodic parts and progressions. this might allow singers and some musicians that aren’t into or aren’t good at the initial stage of getting ideas down to flesh out some song elements. hmm. I might try it.

    the guy in the demo is horrid. “feel my heart. touch my face.” wow. very inspired lyrics.


    1. I agree it has value and it’s worth playing with. It can be a tool for ideas if used in the right context.


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