Way Out Where SynthX

There is a much better video demo of the new SynthX iPad App from Way Out Ware over at Gearwire. Take a look: click here. So far I loved all the Jim Heintz creations including the timewARP 2600 and iSample. SynthX will be in the App store in mid February.

“the upcoming Way Out Ware SynthX is a radically powerful virtual analog synthesizer instrument for iPad that features perhaps the coolest interface of any soft synth we’ve ever seen.” – Gearwire.com

For more info: wayoutware.com


  1. very interesting. i’m waiting for the new ipad to buy one. the music apps looks and sounds great. maybe it’s me but i believe that the evolution of the music apps for ipad is very very fast. i can’t imagine how it’s gonna be in like 5 years…. like you oliver i hope to be able to do a live set with only an ipad (and my apc40). let’s hope that Ableton will release Live on ipad. imagine working on a track in the bus with the ipad and continue the work on your desktop setup at home… ok i’m dreaming but i think it can be possible maybe not now but soon


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