Tiptop Audio Folding Modular Case

Check out this fantastic case for modular synthesizer modules from Tiptop Audio. It’s all aluminum, comes in black or silver and fits in the overhead luggage compartment in any airplane. $1100 with power supply.

Is there a better/cooler case than this one?

photo credit: gur_x

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4 thoughts on “Tiptop Audio Folding Modular Case”

  1. Sweet design! But would any TSA agent would let you on an airplane with that?

    “Cut the red wire!”
    “There’s two red wires!”

  2. ? Tiptop. Fantastic stuff; listening to things running through my Z-DSP right now. Numberz is a given, but I’m not ready to pull out my dragonfly-cartridge just yet. That 1U rack looks fantastic, wish that stuff was around when I got started. If, or rather when, I feel that the time has come to get a quality racks, I’ll definitely go for that 3U… first Eurorack I’ve seen that feels truly professional. That’s Buchla 200e style, right there!

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